Software engineer

Experienced Senior Software Engineer with a knack for optimizing business operations through efficient software solutions. Over 5 years as a Software Engineer, I've built integrations to logistics providers, developed customer portals, and streamlined internal processes. Proficient in a diverse tech stack including React, NodeJS, Typescript, and Python, I thrive on tackling complex challenges and iterating on user experiences by making data-driven decisions through A/B testing. With a background in small electronics repair and customer service, I bring hands-on experience and a practical approach to software development.


I've always had a fascination with how things, including websites and electronics, operate. My hobby of fixing mobile devices in my free time while attending school helped me land a job as a mobile technician. After that, I found myself working for a start-up in a more factory-like environment with countless automation opportunities. I eventually came up with a number of software tools for automation that minimise human error and boost throughput. That helped me land a position on the engineering team of the company, and the rest is history. I still enjoy creating things with my hands now, outside of work, and I've been working on small IoT projects and fixing an old sailboat.